Plans to regenerate Fiddler's Ferry and support over 2,100 jobs are submitted to Warrington Borough Council

Following public consultation with the local community in late 2022, detailed plans have been submitted to Warrington Borough Council by Peel NRE, part of Pell L&P, to regenerate Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station.

The proposals to build on the brownfield site are the first of three phases of the project including plans to address the chronic shortage of modern employment space by providing four industrial buildings and service yards totalling 1.4 million sq ft of floorspace.

These buildings, along with parking and landscaped green space will provide opportunity to support over 2,100 jobs for local people, 845 of which will be created by the project, adding up to £89.2m to Warrington’s vibrant and growing economy.

The site has been identified by Warrington Borough Council as space for modern employment within Borough’s Local Plan. As part of the wider local and environmental considerations, Peel NRE, has committed to a 10% biodiversity net gain which means the environment will be improved overall by this scheme.

The application number is 2023/00392/EA and the application can be viewed via WBC’s public access webpage here.

The submission comes ahead of the appointment of demolition contractors which is expected in the coming weeks. The former coal stockyard, office buildings and four northern cooling towers are expected to be demolished before the end of the year.