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Date set for demolition of Fiddler’s Ferry’s northern cooling towers


Date set for demolition of Fiddler’s Ferry’s northern cooling towers

Sunday 3rd December 2023 is the date set for demolition contractor PP O’Connor to blow down the four northern cooling towers as part of the demolition work that is ongoing at Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station. Controlled explosive demolition techniques will be carried out to demolish the four 115m-high concrete towers. 

Only a small number of properties to the immediate north of the site will likely be affected and PP O’Connor have contacted residents who will be affected by the demolition. If you have not received a letter, then you will not be affected. 

When the demolition of the towers goes ahead, for safety reasons, the A562 will be temporarily closed from the Eight Towers roundabout to Marsh Lane. On South Lane (A5080) there may be speed and other restrictions in place. It is expected that these temporary restrictions will be in place between 7am and 1pm on the day, and Peel NRE and the PP O’ Connor are working with local stakeholders to ensure that any disruption is minimised. 

The Fiddler’s Ferry site has been identified in the draft Warrington Local Plan for the development of around 250-acres of employment use, which will create hundreds of new jobs, and approximately 860 new homes.  

Kieran Tames, Development Director for Peel NRE said: “It’s exciting to have reached this point and we are taking a step closer to regenerating the former power station. This regeneration will secure future investment for Warrington, Halton and the wider region. 

“We want to reassure everybody that only those who received a letter will be affected. We appreciate that many may want to watch the towers coming down and that if you do, we encourage you to find somewhere away from the site to watch from.” 

For more information about Peel NRE or the plans, visit 

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